Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Are You Blooming?

Each women has her own journey and choose the road she takes - but - I don't get how it could be easier for a lesbian to be with males and harder to be with females romantically sexually.

I don't dwell on the thought that some females in my past put me last and chose to be with a man. They actually put themselves last. I've read a lot of post by women who try to explain why they denied their attraction to females and went as far as getting with men. I accept it, as I do most things, that the past still has an affect on me with women I meet now - many of whom spent their adult life with men but now want to be with a woman.

Is all that "confusion" and "denial" gone and are they really ready for a relationship with a woman? Back when I was younger, it didn't bother me much that a woman who liked me got with a man. Then I went through one or two long periods of not wanting to date women that had been with men because if I wasn't good enough then - then I'm not good enough now - but for them I will do now that they want to give women a try.

Well, now I'm at a stage in my life where I want to start dating again but women I meet still have issues to do with men and children and parents and religion which I don't want to deal with. It is draining trying to get to know a woman who is attracted to me but still can't seem to allow herself to be herself. I really don't feel like I have lost women to men but have lost women to their self denial. It just takes too much energy so this woman is done with playing girlish games. Where are the dang women?

Answer: Still with men but flirt with women OR single but still not ready to openly date a woman.

It is Spring so you should be blooming.


  1. I really like your honesty and the way you approach life. Keep your blog as blooming as you are.

  2. hi salty, stumbled on this site...thanks so much..like you finding it hard to even get into my community as i commuted many years away to do work and come back and everyone s in some kind of relationship and do not even say they are involved..makes things awkward esp.if you do not know the gossip.i am beginning to lose hope and the online dating sites are a horror..sometimes i think it is best to keep on with your home and come out if necc...but hard if you are super gregarious...no one seems very welcoming. will flirt with anyone...so many nice people but the are sacred of their shadows....

  3. How sad to lose hope. Please do not!! I am in the shadows but trying so hard to meet someone so genuine and interesting as you. Online dating I agree is a horror and I never will go for it. However, there is no such beauty as meeting the love of your dreams without trying at all. Being in the shadows, away from dating any average girl will keep you gasping for those lips that are yet to come. Then you know the right person has come. Then it will all be worth waiting for!:)



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