Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hello SPT Readers, I've been off-line for several months. To readers who are interested, the following is an update on what has happened in the past few months concerning me. Electrical power in part of the house went out, which blew the internet box in the computer room and also blew the cable box in the livingroom. After the internet was connected again I had to learn to set the options again. In March, I threw up for weeks. I had no sppetite during this time but I made myself eat. I couldn't keep anything down. I fell several times due to the swelling in my head. I had 15 days of radiation on my head. Two of my cousins took me to my Cancer doctor where I was given fluid and a steroid through my port. The brain nodules made me nauseous and unbalanced. Still no pain - thank goodness. My doctor took me off some of prescription pills. I don't like taking pills. My last report after the radiation -- I'm stable -- no new lesions - no new growth. I lost about 30 pounds from all the upchucking but I've put on several pounds since then. My brother cooks for me. I'm able to drive out with him in the car with me. I'm enjoying the nice weather. I can't do much since I get factigued but hopefully my energy will improve now that I can eat without throwing everything up and get to walk to my garden bed which has new growth (me smiling). It's finally Spring!!! I've been waiting for the warm weather. The chemo every week kept me cold and I was so looking forward to the warm weather but I think now that the radiation threatment is over I'm ready for the chemo again. I want to go back on the chemo fluid and not start the pills -- at least for right now. Other News: Item 1: I have 2 nieces. One of their aunts was murdered in March by an ex-boyfriend. He went on a killing spree before he hit a tree and was killed. Item 2: In April, a first cousin passed. I was not able to attend either funeral but I did send flowers. Neither lived in town. My cousin was cremated. Her sister brought her ashes home. Thanks to any and all who sent up a good thought for me. I'm back on-line and feeling okay except for getting tired and I having to rest. The best to you all. Take care. -- Love Salty S

Friday, April 5, 2013

Hi Readers - It has been almost a year since I've posted something new to SPT. Last year was an awful year for me. My mother passed, a cousin passed, and I was diagnosed with Cancer. I miss my mom. At times it still seems unreal that she is not here with me. I've never really been sick enough to see a doctor but only once and that was when I was a kid. Last year I was in the hospital twice - the first time I stayed four days and the second time I had surgery and went home the same day. My mom had several health problems and the way she dealt with it prepared me for dealing with my health situation. I think my being with her gave her strength and kept her positive up until old age finally wore her down and she was ready to go. I am my mother's daughter. I can deal with this Cancer in my body. Before I even went to find out what was wrong with me I just looked skyward and asked to not be in pain -- and so far I have not been. I am mentally strong and my body is still strong if a little slower.

Since this is a lesbian theme blog I of course have to say something about women. I just like talking to women. I have not lost my gift of getting women to talk to me since there are numerous things that women talk to each other about. Recently I met a woman that I would like to ask out on a date but I will not. Right now I do not have the physical energy to pursue a romantic relationship. It is enough that I can still enjoy just talking to her casually. She hugged me once and said that she loves me. I've been getting more hugs lately and people tell me that they love me. And not all of them are family members. I appreciate the affection and glad that people feel comfortable to express that they care about me. I'd rather have it shown to me while I'm still here to enjoy it.

For my readers who are interested, I'm on Chemotherapy. So far I do not need radiation. I have lost my hair but it will grow back. Well, that's the update for now. Love yourself and let your light shine. Take care everyone.


Hi SPT readers. I haven't posted anything new in several months. I don't want to post about political issues so until I'm inspired with something new or finish a story ....

Feel free to post comments about something you have read at SPT because I do like hearing from my readers even if it is just a hello. I don't put up my email address because I already get mail from people trying to sell me Viagra which goes straight to the Junk box. :) I do receive notification when someone has made a comment at SPT and I will respond as soon as I can. Thank you for visiting. -S

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